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will come in right around 82 degrees now. that's pretty seasonable. we are at 83 for this time of the year. again, the afternoon showers and storms off and on throughout the day. over to you. this will be a day busy working on a came payne trail for a number of elected officials. president obama is in ohio and then louisiana. >> mitt romney is in new hampshire but paul ryan is hitting the road in north carolina where thousands of democratic delegates will be arriving in charlotte this morning. >> abc brandy hitt has the latest on what's going on on tobacco road. >> it's time to move forward. that's the choice of the election. >> reporter: this week it's the democrats' turn to rally behind president oand the bid for a second term. the stage is set in charlotte with democrats filling the national convention, the most open convention in history. >> right up front and personal. >> reporter: democrats are
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using star power to get message across all week long including appearances by eva longorria james taylor mary j. blige and foo fighters. later michelle obama and former president bill clinton will speak leading up to a large celebration thursday inside bank of america stadium. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: hundreds protested the big banks on the streets of charlotte sunday. on his road to charlotte tour, president obama continues to criticize the republican opponent's convention speech. >> governor romney knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. nobody ever bothered to tell us what they were. >> this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office ruers gallup poll shows the race is a dead heat and another poll after the republican convention that showed romney with a slight lead now shows the two are tied. with two months until election day. in tampa -- >> in tampa paul ryan said
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without leadership why should the next four years be any different from the last four years. barack obama has to answer the question. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama arrives today and mitt romney is using this week to prepare for the upcoming debates. brandy hitt abc news charlotte. isaac is finished with the gulf coast but it left behind plenty damage and a huge cleanup job. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us with a story of how it's going to be severe the clean upand the political areas in the area. >> reporter: that's right. today president obama will be in the new orleans area to meet with officials and tour flood damaged areas. his republican rival mitt romney did the same on friday. this morning, parts of the state are still flooded and thousandsof people are still unable to return home. more than 200,000 utility customers are still without power and for some folks, they must rebuild for a second time
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in seven years. first it was hurricane katrina and now it's isaac. authorities dropped a mandatory evacuation order sunday for neighborhood threatened by a strained lock on a canal in st. tammany parish but they recommend people stay away. lock is on a man-made canal off the pearl river near the mississippi state line also on sunday, homeland security secretary visited the area. >> we are pretty-- the roof came off and water leaked in from the roof. took out the furniture and the flood water basically totaled the house. >> we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of the team, part of the team in louisiana, and make sure that hurricane isaac is put to rest as soon as we can for all of those affected. we know this is a big, big tough storm that we will work through it together. >> reporter: once again, president obama will visit the new orleans area today.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news around the nation on this man morning, police -- monday morning. police have a suspect in custody and a deadly attack of two children. mother was in the hospital and baby-sitter was watching the kid. police say -- police say someone came into the house and killed a 6-year-old boy while he slept and his 12-year-old sister was critically injured. two other children are in the house and they reported to be okay and right now police have not released a motive yet. well an air show in iowa turned deadly all of it caught on camera. spectators watched help listly as a jet veered out of control and plunged to the ground killing the pilot. it is raising questions about the safety of air shows since 1988, air shows accidents havetaken lives of more than 100 pilots and performers. a crash in colorado in the 1950s led to new rules. all air shows must stay 500 feet to 1500 feet away from crowds to avoid flying into people. a terrifying moment caught on camera as an out of control
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monster truck crashes into the stands. this happened in oregon saturday at the monster air 2012 showch the truck the driver lost control and bounced through a mud pit and over a barricade before smashing into spectators. the people were hit by the truck. and it 48 inch tire. they were taken to the hospital for their injuries and it's not considered to be life- threatening about a scarry experience for the people. check this out, these guysworked hard. >> uh-huh. >> and waited sometime for some unusual facial hair. check this out. this is the first great lakes regional beard and mustache championship held over the weekend in lansing, michigan. proceeds from the championship are being donated to charity. the winners of the regional competition will head to the championships in november. this is serious competition. maybe a little inspiration for you there.i like it. all right. stay with us this morning.
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drunk and dispondent a mess. this is how a promoter described michael jackson before he died. >> just ahead, what was said in a series of e-mails and how it could be coming up in court down the road. >> it's been a tough topic. gladiator and boxer clearly his best work on dry land. ahead, we will tell you how russell crowe needed to be rescued. >> and we have a tropical air mass that is over us today making it feel very muggy. i will tell you how long the humidity sticks around coming up. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
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new e-mails paint a dark picture of michael jackson months before the death. the l sometimes says -- l.a. times says it obtained e-mails with concerned promoter with aey financing the comeback
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tour. one called jackson drunk and dispondent and emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with seth loathing and doubt. the company says the e-mails object tanned by the l.a. times were -- obtained by the l.a. times were released to portray aeg negatively. the u.s. coast guard picked up russell crowe after he lost his way kayaking off long island. the 48 -year-old was kayaking with a friend saturday and the coast guard said crowe and his friend apparently made their way to huntington bay beach and they had to call out to a boat on patrol for some help. crowe is on long island filming a movie called no way and sent atwitter message thanking the officers who helped get him back to dry land. drink today? are you going to >> all right. that's a question you might know the answer to this early. nothing to do with how thirsty you are. it could have to do with the shape of your beer glass. we will explain when this
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storya nabbing hard to come by- - >> a snack hard to come by. you may pay more for your popcorn but how much? >> reading, writing and stereotypes? some say boys and girls do better in separate classrooms. it sparked debate and now a lawsuit. >> and it's foggy and cloudy and muggy on this labor day. i will tell you when we can speak and conditions. (bell rings)
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it's monday morning. and in case you have to go anywhere this is the abc to news to -- abc2 news to go. >> i am charley crowson and she is megan pringle and lynette charl is standing by with the forecast. >> showers and storms along the eastern shore pushing off toward the east. but, we will see more showers popping up as we go throughout the day. so make sure to graphic the rain gear. if you are heading out and -- sure to grab the rain gear. if you heading out, we have cloud out there. trying to see a little sunshine as we wake up this morning. but all in all, the clouds are
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really going to win out for today. and the reason why well, we do have an eastern flow. that eastern flow coming off the atlantic and then we are dealing with the remnants of isaac. so also we are very humid and we have visibility issues this morning. and the dew point and temperatures the exact same around ocean city. and this is the forecast for today. looks like this. 80 degrees, close to it by lunchtime with off and on showers throughout the day. 82 for a high. over to you. >> a woman is dead and a neighbor injured after weekend fire that happened in the city. a man did all he could to save the life of his neighbor but he just couldn't get to her in time. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with more on the fatal fire r authorities saying anything about the investigation so far? >> reporter: well, this morning, firefighters and arson detectives are trying to figure out how this fire started in the first place and whether the smoke alarms were working at the time. the fire broke out just after 6:30 on sunday night. firefighters race the to -- raced to the 2200 block of east north avenue located in the
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city broadway east neighborhood them found heavy fire and thick smoke neighbors went into action one man who tried to rescue his elderly neighbor may have fractured a leg. once fire crews were inside the home they found a woman dead of smoke inhalation and burns. >> we learned this was an will 8 -- 88 -year-old woman, does live with other relatives in the home but no one else was in the house at that time. >> reporter: so far no word on exactly what caused the fire. 33 firefighters fought the fire at one time. it was contained to the row home. the woman's death marks the city's 5th fire fatality this year. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. ross's crab haus caught fire and now they are trying to figure whiewt caused it. it gutted the family owned place. 30 people written side when someone saw smoke from the basement and a fire truck was driving by when the call came in so they came in to fight the fire thankfully everyone made it out okay. well police are out at tee
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bee's place after a fight led to the death of an employee. police say 38-year-old tavares jones was trying to break up a fight when he was stabbed a number of times. on sunday night family and friends gathered to remember him. >> if one who knows anything possible that can bring forward the person that did this to my baby's son tavares jones, please come forward. don't be shy or scared. please. >> for a bar that is that dank rouse and had as many problems as they have had, it should be closed. >> back in july, baltimore county police reported a homicide in that restaurant's parking lot. neighbors in the parkville community say the bar is a constant nuisance and they have writent to councilmen but they have never heard back. police say there's no suspect right now regarding the weekend incident. today a memorial service will be held to honor a local navy seal killed in afghanistan. patrick died last month when his helicopter went down. this happened during a
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fightwith insurgents. his body will leave the dover air fos base that happens this morning at 8 this morning. and there will be a procession that will end at the george p calis funeral home in edgewater. the body is expected to arrive around 10 this morning. a viewing will be held for him who live in edgewater from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 tuesday night. the funeral is 12:45 on wednesday at fort meyer memorial chapel next to arlington national cemetery where he will be buried at the cemetery after. consumer news. midwest drought is hitting all crops including popcorn. retail prices haveium ped from 20 dal -- jumped from 20 dollars for for a 50 pound bag to more than 30 dollars. whole sale prices increased but consumers will be paying more for popcorn at places like supermarkets, some analyst say the price for a bucket of popcorn at movies probably won't rise that much all things being equal. it's expensive enough as it is. hundreds of firefighters
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are now battling a wild fire that is burning thousands of acres in california in the san gabriel mountains near glendora. 1500 people were evacuated including those of a mobile home park and rehab center. 200 firefighters came in to help with the help of air tankers and helicopters. the cause of the fire named the williams fire not yet known. five things to know as you head out the door this morning. president obama will visit storm ravaged louisiana a day ahead of the democratic national convention. the white house says he is going to meet with local officials and tour damage before addressing reporters at st. john's thebaptist parish. joe biden will address the industrial organization. the large et federation of unions in the u.s -- largest federation of unions in the u.s. the firsthand accounts of the mission that killed osama bin laden is released to the public. it was written by a navy seal on the mission who is no longer
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on active duty. he could face legal problems if the book is released because they say it's classified information. the trial of major nadal -- nidal hasan moves forward tomorrow. he is accused of killing 13 people in a mass shooting at the texas base in november 2009. >> the unification church will hold a day of morning celebrating the -- governor o'malley says the nation is not better off than it was four years ago and in appearance on sunday on cbs face the nation and cnn's state of the union the democratic governor said without a doubt, the nation is not as well-off as before job losses and deficits e blames the republicans the bush administration. o'malley will be speaking later this week at the democratic national convention in charlotte. three days after exception the republican nomination, mitt romney twitter account crossed the 1 million mark.
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the mitt romney page crossed the million threshold and the campaign thanked followers for support. president obama's twitter page which has been around for 4 1/2 years longer has 19 million twitter followers. home brewers can enjoy one of the president's father of the adult beverages. the obama administration released the homemade beer recipe. the white house head chef posted the recipe for two beers that are brewed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the white house, and it's white house honey ale and honey porter. both beers are made using honey harvested from the white house behive. the recipe released comes after pressure from online homebrewing communities including a petition on the white house website and freedom of information act request. so, now that information is available to you. >> probably not the first thing you notice when you pour yourself a tall one. however a new study by british
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researchers suggest the shape of a person's beer glass may actually affect how fast theydrink it. research suggest people drink faster out of curved than straight glasses but the study finds those who soak up the suds in curved glasses drink down on average four minutes faster than straight glasses. researchers believe that the curved glasses make it harder to pace yourself because it is more difficult to determine how much you actually had. we happened did -- what happened to the can. >> who is on the research team? >>i doesn't know. did you stopwatch it drink that one. now drink that one. all right. you know states are ranked in jobs and health and schools and taxes and overall water quality. but how do you compare with on the future? the recent report from gallup polling organizations compared the future live act of each state maryland came in at number 10. the study looked at job prospects, health and the wealth of the overall
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population. and our state did well when it came to future employment. utah number one as the most liveable. west virginia last and they were said to be the least liveable. 6:52. spending of west virginia a middle school have to reorganize their classes and they have a make them coed by today. >> that's coming down today. the school had the same sex classroom policy for students but a judge ruled that it has to go back to the coed route after a mother alengs the school used gender stereotypes that hurt her daughter academically. >> she says her daughter she has one daughter with adhd was scolded for not sitting while the boys they were encouraged to move around the classroom. a federal law does allow for same sex classes as long as the school meets certain criteria. this apparently didn't. >> we want to know what you think about this throughout the course of the morning. if you are on facebook on the lake day, head over to the facebook page wmar let us know what you think about these same sex versus coed classrooms.
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>> listen to this. a 400 pound-- listen to this a 400 pound sea turtle is on the monday. national aquarium in baltimore will move her from her tamping and they will move the zebra sharks as well from the wings in the water as they pol fully prepare to renovate the area -- as they fully prepare to renovate the area. >> you probably had delicious food including barbeque but did it compare to this in we will drop that lower third and let you see the largest crab cake ever in the world. take that down. >> there it is. >> there you go. 300 pounds from the maryland state fair. maryland's crab from smith island eggs and special seasoning made by handy sea foods. >> how much old bay goes into something like that. they started cooking at 2 in the morning and it was ready by noon. crab cake sandwiches for everybody. they were served up on the bake buns for will bucks a sandwich and proceeds went to charity. >> it's much cleaner and more tiedy than i thought it would
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end up. >> -- tiedy than i -- tidy than i thought it would end up. >> crab cakes after the show. >> sound like plan. the rain can't stop us. let's talk about what's going on right now because we do have a few scattered showers this morning pushing off towards the east. but we will have another round as we go through the rest of the morning. this afternoon off and on showers but we will get a break out there. so take advantage of it. let's go outside and ijamsville where we have the clouds hovering. we have patchy fog also. and that will continue as we go into the afternoon. the clouds rather. we are looking at temperatures in ijamsville around 73 degrees. we are at 75 now in baltimore. and 75 in havre de grace and goldsboro at 74. fed ralsburg at 73. tillman 76 so you can see the temperatures are quite warm. as we look at the humidity, yes, it's here. and we are feeling it feeling sultry outside this morning. this afternoon that will continue. this is the stationary front that's going to aid us in some
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of that sultry weather for today and also the unsettled weather that will continue as we head through the rest of the week. also going to be getting the remnants of isaac in here. let's head to the tropics where we still are tracking tropical storm leslie. the winds sustained at 60 miles an hour. should stay away from the u.s. but bermuda is going to have time of it as this is forecasted to become a category one hurricane. this is what it looks like going through lunchtime today. the temperature right by this a rather by the afternoon coming in at 3. and that's going tonight high temperature. and here's the check of the 7- day forecast for you as we dry things out as we head into friday but it's unsettled for the weekend. over to you. >> all right. we are going to wrap it up here in few moments. hey lynette,. >> get up here. >> all righty. >> i know you are busy with the weather but come say bye. >> i have to. >> all right. just to reminder that we are going to send you to good morning america but we will have weather and news updates throughout the morning every 30 minutes. so keep it here at abc2. >> we are available at
6:57 am and facebook good- bye. and drop us a labor day foe co. let's see how -- photo. let's see you how are -- let's see how you are celebrating. >> happy labor day. >> have a great one.
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